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Direct Access

Full UK bike licence

This is the licence with no restriction on what size motorcycle you can ride. This is the most popular option for those aged twenty four and over as it allows you to ride any size of bike as soon as you pass.

Taken on a manual motorcycle, it allows you to ride both manual bikes and automatics. Please note that you can only ride a large bike on the road before you pass your test when you are accompanied by an authorised Direct Access Instructor.

  • Restrictions on what you can ride: None
  • Minimum age: 24
  • Minimum test vehicle: Any motorcycle with a power output of more than 53.6 b.h.p. We use Honda CBF’s 600cc
  • Allows you to: Carry passengers, discard your L plates and to ride on motorways.


This test consists of 2 Modules


On the day of the Module 1 test, candidates will be asked by the examiner to demonstrate their riding ability on either the left-hand or right-hand circuit. Please note that the standard off-road layout may change due to local conditions on the casual sites.

Those candidates who have demonstrated riding skills of a dangerously incompetent level during Module 1 will not be permitted to take Module 2. Those candidates who have passed Module 1 will receive a Test Pass Certificate which they must bring with them when they take Module 2.

The practical moped riding test (which does not include the high-speed requirements) will also be carried out in two modules. The obstacle avoidance and emergency braking exercises will be carried out in Module 1 at 30 km/h (approx. 19 mph).

Featured Skill


If you decide overtaking is necessary, you must find a suitable place to do so. Certain times and areas are not safe for overtaking, for example, you must not overtake in certain situations.

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