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Twist & Go

This is not a test, Compulsory Basic Training

New motorcyclists who want to ride a moped may take their test on a 125cc moped, this will entitle them to a restricted license only.

Upon completing your CBT you are entitled to ride “a moped of 125cc or less”, providing you display L plates, both on the front and rear of the moped at all times.

Gaining valuable experience


New riders may find this useful to gain experience to then go on and complete your restricted license test.

We strongly advise all new riders to complete a test and not to simply complete a CBT and then ride on public roads.

Please note that the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) does not provide sufficient training to ride safely without supervision.

If you are interested in taking one of our Twist and Go courses please visit our page  to discuss any requirements you may have or visit our price list to find out how much we charge.

Featured Skill


If you decide overtaking is necessary, you must find a suitable place to do so. Certain times and areas are not safe for overtaking, for example, you must not overtake in certain situations.

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