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Cornering properly is one of the most important skills when you learn to ride a motorcycle. In fact, even when you have learned to corner you will continue to improve over your lifetime, because it is a skill that can always be improved.

You can learn about cornering through reading about it. For example, you can find out about the most common mistakes, why those mistakes are made, how to avoid them, what the perfect line is and how to find it, when to brake, what speed to take a corner, and more. However, practice is the only way to master the technique.

Correct Braking

If you ride a heavy motorcycle, any advantage you get from having a heavy bike disappears due to the disadvantage of being forced to stop the same weight. Both wheels of the motorcycle take the weight distribution, but to expect both to take 50% would be a mistake as this is not always the case.

It is useful to remember that when a wheel carries less weight it will be easier for it to lock. Sometimes you may think that this does not make sense. For example, when riding downwards, some riders may think that because the front wheel is doing so much work, braking it is not a good idea. However, the opposite of this is true.

Looking Ahead

When riding a motorcycle, looking ahead and noticing the important things is a crucial element. Although it sounds simple, you will find when you learn to ride that much is involved in looking ahead correctly. For example, looking in the right direction is essential to learn correct cornering. You will also have to notice more than you actually see, especially when it comes to traffic. It is therefore crucial to practice your looking skills to ride safely on the road.


When stuck behind a vehicle, dont be tempted to go in close and sit behind it. This will reduce the amount that you can see, which is always more dangerous.

Instead, stay further back to increase what you can see, and move around to get into different positions that will allow you to see further ahead. You must always be able to see as far ahead as you can when it comes to making a safe overtake. You can also try looking through the windows of the vehicle in front to see more, so dont discount this.

Featured Skill


If you decide overtaking is necessary, you must find a suitable place to do so. Certain times and areas are not safe for overtaking, for example, you must not overtake in certain situations.

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