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The Track

The current motorcycle test was introduced in April 2009 and consists of two modules.


The manoeuvres will be tested during the first module on an off-road site. The manoeuvres take just over 20 minutes to complete, and include:

– Two or more at slow speed, which will include a slalom
– Two or more at a higher speed, one of which will be in the second or third gear and driving at least 19mph, and one of which will involve avoiding an obstacle at 32mph or over.
– Two or more braking manoeuvres, which will include an emergency break travelling at 32mph or over.

The test is comprised of two modules. For the first module, the examiner will ask you to demonstrate your riding ability, and this will take place on a left-hand or right-hand circuit. Be aware that local conditions on the sites may mean that the normal off-road layout could change. Included in the first module are emergency braking and obstacle avoidance exercises at about 19mph.

Once you pass the first module, you will be given a pass certificate, which you will then need to present when you take the second module.

The second module takes nearly an hour to complete, and consists of questions related to road safety, an eyesight test and half an hour or more of riding on the road. This will take in a variety of conditions as well as including hill starts, angle starts and standard stops.

If you carry out the practical moped test, this is also comprised of two modules.

Featured Skill


If you decide overtaking is necessary, you must find a suitable place to do so. Certain times and areas are not safe for overtaking, for example, you must not overtake in certain situations.

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